The software

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The advantages

No local installation, software suite in SAAS mode (Software As A Service)

Reduce your planning time in a fast and efficient way

Don't be caught off guard with labor variability anymore with the help of the automatic routes module

Don't waste time on long searches: Real-time monitoring and indicators of work progress

The modules

Time budget

With Hysa, it has never been easier to know how many maintenance hours you need per year.

As soon as the basic data is entered in Hysa (prototypes and premises), Hysa generates the Budget of planned hours. You will be able to compare in real time with the actual hours entered on the tablet by the attendants.

Management of work routes

A planning and organization tool allows you to adjust your routes based on your priorities and the personnel you have available that day.

Hysa offers you the possibility to create standard routes (based on specific rooms) or let our algorithm create automatic routes based on your resource availability and your priorities of rooms, tasks and items.

The multiplatform Web concept

An interface that can be used on PC, tablet or mobile. Access Hysa quickly from Google, Edge and Firefox.

Real time management

A tool to remotely monitor the routes of the attendants.
An efficient communication tool to send messages directly to the attendants on the tablet.

Quality control

Ensure compliance with your sanitation specifications by performing comprehensive and weighted audits. Take photos directly from your audits and prepare corrective work orders directly from the audit.


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